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Share your vision for a better world in our ‘Letters to the Earth’ exhibition

Letter to the earth

Published Friday, 1st October 2021

This November at the UN climate summit, decisions are being made that will determine the rest of our lives and the lives of generations to come.

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take decisive action on the climate and ecological emergency and make sure we recover better from the pandemic.

We’re encouraging residents young and old to share their vision for a better world in a Letter to the Earth.

Part of a global campaign, a Letter to the Earth is your opportunity to respond to the climate crisis and express what’s important to you. It can be a letter to or from the Earth, another species, another person or moment in time. Or it could be a piece of creative artwork, reflecting the world you wish to live in.

Letters and artwork will become part of an exciting exhibition across Honeywood Museum and Whitehall Historic House from the 4 - 20 November. The exhibition will show how Sutton residents are being impacted by climate change, exploring their worries, hopes and dreams for the future and inspiring us to act now to protect our planet. 

Create your letter or picture at home and submit via email, to heritage.submissions@sutton.gov.uk, or drop off to the front desks at Honeywood, Whitehall or Sutton Central Library by Sunday 17 October.

Find out more about how we are tackling climate change and how you can make a difference.