You can submit up to two questions to be asked at a full Council meeting. You will need to submit your question by email

We must receive your email by 10am on the sixth working day before the Full Council meeting.

You can't submit a question more than two weeks before a Council meeting.

Full Council meetings 

You can submit a question for a full Council meeting if you are:

  • a Sutton resident
  • a business rate payer in Sutton

Your question should be about:

  • a matter that the Council has a responsibility for
  • an issue that affects the borough

Asking your question

You can attend the meeting where your question will get asked. You’ll also have the chance to ask one follow up question on any point made in the original answer.

Submitted questions get asked at the beginning of the meeting. The agenda allows for 30 minutes or nine questions in total.

Local Committees

With the agreement of the Chair, questions can be asked at Local Committees.