Making a complaint 

If you’d like to make a complaint you can:

Send us an email to make a complaint

or write to us at: 

Sutton Council
Civic Office
St Nicholas Way

If your complaint is about a service, such as a missed bin, please contact the service directly for support. 

Leave us feedback or a compliment

We value your feedback and use your comments to improve our standards. Please tell us if you feel the service you received should have been better, or if you feel the council, or an officer of the council has done something well.

Submit feedback or a compliment

Services with their own complaints procedures

The services listed below have their own complaints procedure to follow: 

Making a complaint

If your complaint should be about something that has happened in the last 12 months. You should include as much detail as possible, including any supporting documents, emails, or letters. 

If you are submitting a complaint on behalf of someone else, we will need proof of authorisation.

Getting help with your complaint 

Who can help and support you to do this

  • a friend, neighbour or relative
  • your doctor, carer or personal assistant
  • a Councillor, or your local Member of Parliament
  • any other advocate of your choice

Please note that they will need to have your written permission to act for you.

You can also get help from Citizens Advice Bureau online or call them on 020 8405 3552.

If you are under 18, and are in care or leaving care, you can get help and support to make your complaint from a formal advocacy service which is independent of Sutton Council. For further information please contact Volunteer Centre Sutton.

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