To work out the priority for repairing a pothole, we look at:

  • the size and depth of the pothole
  • which road it's on

We aim to address the most serious potholes within 24 hours.


A Highway Inspector will look at the depth of the pothole when they visit the site.

Our standards for taking action on a pothole are depths of:

  • 45mm for road defects
  • 25mm for footpath defects

The inspector will decide on the level of hazard posed to the public.

They then raise an order to our highways maintenance contractor to fix it.


We have different timeframes for work to be completed.

  • Priority Works Order repair, or making safe - completed within 24 hours
  • Urgent Works Order - completed within 8 working days
  • Normal Works Order - completed within 25 working days

We have the responsibility for the maintenance of the roads and we prioritise resources to keep the public safe. However, we are not able to repair all defects in the road surface unless they're classed as a pothole.