Contact the emergency services on 999 in an emergency where you are at serious risk from flooding and in danger.

Report a flood

Flooding can come from many different sources and causes. You can make a report using our online Google form.

We will use the information you provide to us to determine its source and impact.

Report a flood

You can email our flooding team with non-urgent reports of flooding.

If flooding occurs to your road and/or property, you can contact the Council on 020 8770 5000. 

View our guide for flooding advice.

Vulnerable people

Contact the Council for help on 020 8770 5000 if:

  • you consider yourself to be vulnerable
  • you're in any way at risk, or
  • you know someone who is and needs help because of flooding

Social housing tenants

If you are a social housing tenant and your home is flooded, you should contact your housing association.

If you’re unable to contact your housing association then please contact us on 020 8770 5000. We will help you find temporary accommodation if required.

If you rent or own your own home

You should contact your insurance company and report the flooding. Your insurer may be able to provide you with temporary accommodation while they process your claim to repair any damage.

If you do not have this level of cover, you can contact the Council for help with temporary accommodation on 020 8770 5000.

If flooding is on a road or pavement

If the public sewers are unable to cope with the amount of water generated by a storm, water is unable to drain away through our gullies.

You can contact Thames Water on 0800 316 9800 (24 hour service) advising them of the situation. You should give them  as much detail as possible and ask them to log the flood onto their “flooding history database”. as this will contribute to the possibility of an improvement in the sewer system.  

Report a blocked gully

If you identify that a gully may be blocked, you can report this to us.

The highway drainage systems (gullies) are not designed to cope with heavy storms. Flooding can happen on the highway during a storm but this will go down over time.

You can report flooding to the Council after the flood event.

Flooding from heavy rainfall 

This does not happen a lot in Sutton. Some areas are at a higher risk, however, because of their geography and drainage.

We can’t tell you exactly where and when flooding will happen. We can only give you a general idea of the areas at high risk, so that you can be more prepared.

You can get information on how flood risk affects planning and development, refer to Local Plan policies and our Flood Risk Management Strategy.

Reporting other sources of flooding

  • flooding from public sewer: Thames Water, 080 0316 9800
  • flooding from a burst water main: Sutton and East Surrey Water, 017 3777 2000 – they’re responsible up to and including the stopcock
  • flooding from a blocked drain on private property: the homeowner or landlord is responsible and would need to engage the services of a plumber / drainage professional
  • flooding from a burst riverbank: Environment Agency, 037 0850 6506 - they’re responsible for the main rivers, including the River Wandle

Depending on the impacts being experienced, below are some helpful contacts: 

  • loss of electricity/power cut: UK Power Networks, Tel: 105
  • loss of gas/gas leak: National Grid, 080 0111 999
  • loss of safe drinking water: Sutton and Surrey East Water, 017 3777 2000; or Thames Water, 080 0316 9800 (find out who supplies your drinking water)
  • damage to buildings and trees: Sutton Council, 020 8770 5000