Apply for Traders Permit

This is a permit for traders who provide trade services in, or outside, residents homes, that requires their vehicle to be in close proximity to the property such as window cleaning or gardening. It is not valid for businesses to park whilst visiting their own premises.The Trader permit will be valid, when displayed in a vehicle so all the details of the permit, and the accompanying parking clock set to the time of arrival, can be seen by a Civil Enforcement Officer:

  • in any Controlled Parking Zone or Permit Parking Area operating in Sutton

  • only in resident permit bays, shared use bays or within a Permit Parking Area

  • during all controlled hours/days of the zone or area, for a maximum of 2 hours

The permit will not be valid:

  • on any yellow line restrictions, or in bus lanes or mandatory cycle lanes

  • on the footway, unless there are signs in place to advise that parking on the footway is allowed

  • over the flat section of a dropped kerb unless permission has been provided by the house holder of the property the dropped kerb provides access to

  • in a disabled bay, car club bay, loading bay, motorcycle bay, limited time waiting bay, electric charging bay or any other restricted bay

  • in off street car parks or private parking areas

  • when visiting your own business premises.

You can apply if:

  • you can evidence the trade you are providing requires use of the permit

It costs £200 a year.

We will require proof you are the registered keeper of the vehicle and proof of the trade you undertake in resident's homes as part of your application. This is detailed in the application form.