Apply for or renew a parking permit, read about different types of parking permits, permit parking areas (PPAs) and controlled parking zones (CPZs)

Types of parking permits

Find out about the different parking permits available in Sutton.

Permit Parking Areas (PPAs)

Where our PPAs are and how they work, and apply for resident or visitor permits.

About Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs)

Find out where our Controlled Parking Zones are and how to get a permit.

Change your parking permit details

Let us know if your details change and you have a CPZ or PPA parking permit.

Childcare parking permits

If you're a childminder or nanny and need to park in a controlled area for work.

Collingwood Estate Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)

The Collingwood Estate CPZ is only for residents of the estate.

Parking permits for carers

Parking permits for residents who need care or people working as carers.