Each household within the Belmont, Sutton, Wellington Ave and Longfellow Road CPZs is entitled to 50 free hours of visitor parking vouchers. You do not have to have a resident parking permit to apply for visitor parking vouchers.

The first 50 hours of visitor parking vouchers are free. Additional visitor vouchers can be purchased in books of 100 hours which cost £61 per book. Additional vouchers do not have an expiry date and there is no limit to the number that can be purchased in a year.

Where the permit is valid

The visitor permit is only valid in the zone indicated. Visitors displaying the completed permit may park in the permit holder only bay at any time.

How to apply

You can request your free allocation online by completing or by downloading this form and returning it to us.

To apply for a visitor parking permit, you will need to provide proof of residing at the address. Some of the documents you can use as proof include:

  • a recent council tax notice
  • utility bill or
  • tenancy agreement in your name

You can purchase additional visitor vouchers online

Please note:

  • Only one application is allowed per household per year. You can purchase more hours if you need; these have no expiry date.
  • No renewal reminders are sent for visitor permits - it is your responsibility to renew your vouchers.
  • The voucher does not guarantee a parking space.
  • The visitor permit is only valid in the zone indicated.
  • Lost or stolen vouchers will not be replaced.

How to complete a visitor voucher

  • The visitor vouchers are in hourly slots
  • Complete in black ink with the date and time of arrival
  • Complete the voucher for the amount of time required. For a full day parking, complete 10 consecutive one hour vouchers, this will cover you for a full day's parking.