Apply for school places in Sutton from overseas

In Year School Applications from Overseas

Before making your school application, we recommend looking at our vacancy checker which is updated weekly in term time. If your favourite school/s do not have vacancies in the year group you are looking for, you should still name these on your application form as you will be added to the schools waiting list and may receive an offer should a vacancy arise in this academic year.

Applications can be made up to 4 weeks in advance of when the place is required, using the address abroad. The exception to this is if you are applying for a place for September 2022 for which you can apply from 6 June 2022.

Please note that we will receive a large number of school applications from this time. The summer holidays are when most families tend to move, this will cause a delay in the response times. As happens every summer, it is possible that you will not have secured a school place for September 2022 before the schools close for the summer break. There is no need to contact us during the summer holidays or once the schools return in early September. If you are a resident in Sutton, your application will be monitored until a school place has been secured and we will contact you for more information if required. If you live outside of Sutton, you should contact your home Local Authority for further advice.

The address to be used is the address of the child, you cannot use a future address. If applying in advance of your move, you must apply using the overseas address.

Therefore, if a parent/carer moves to Sutton in advance of the rest of the family, the address on the school application must still be the overseas address and the contact address on the last page of the form can be the address in Sutton.

When submitting your school application, you should provide a copy of the flight booking (if available) and confirmation of the Sutton address (if available).

You would then advise us once your family are living at the Sutton address with a copy of the children's flight boarding passes and confirmation of the Sutton address (if not previously provided).

Alternatively, you can apply once your family are living at the Sutton address, using this address for the application form and providing a copy of the child/children's flight boarding passes and confirmation of the Sutton address.

More Information on the in-year process and the application form is available on the Sutton Council website.