The homeowner or landlord is responsible for the drains on their property up to their boundary.

If you cannot clear the blockage yourself contact a plumber or drainage contractor.

We can require private drains and sewers to be cleared and, if necessary, enforce the required work at the expense of the owner(s).

If you are uncertain whether the blockage is in a public sewer or private drain call Thames Water on 0800 316 9800​. They will send a team to determine where the blockage is located. You will be charged for any repair work done to your drains.

If you feel that you are not solely responsible for a blocked drain please contact our Planning Department on 020 8770 5000. They should be able to determine which private property is responsible.

Please note: The Council does not own any drains or sewers except those serving our own properties. We are responsible for highway drainage but this is separate from drainage of buildings.