Foxes in an urban area can cause a range of reactions amongst residents, some loathe them, and some love them. Foxes are not legally considered a pest. There is no requirement on local authorities to control fox populations and previous efforts have proved ineffective. Foxes establish territories and when a territory becomes vacant another fox is likely to move in.

The risk to human health from foxes is very small.
You should not trap foxes inside their den. It is cruel and illegal. It is also illegal to lay down poison. Its puts other people and wildlife at risk. If caught you could receive a fine or prison sentence.

If you are experiencing problems from foxes in your garden then please visit the frequently asked questions (FAQ's) on the Fox-a-gon website or the The Fox Project for information on how to discourage foxes from coming into your garden.  

If you still need some advice with regards to foxes please use the online enquiry form.

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