Littering is anti-social and it’s illegal. 

People caught littering in Sutton can receive an on-the-spot fine called a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of £150.

If a person is taken to court the fine could be up to £2,500.

The most commons types of street litter are:

  • drink cans and cartons 

  • crisp and sweet packets

  • fast food containers

  • cigarette butts

  • chewing gum - a particularly sticky problem that costs a huge amount of money to clean up

and more recently…

  • disposable face masks and gloves

Research by Keep Britain Tidy reveals that one in four of us admits to street littering.

There really is no excuse for littering - there are plenty of litter bins located across the borough. Find one, put your rubbish in it and if it’s full, take your litter home or to work with you and dispose of it there. It really is that simple!