Our Street Cleansing service maintains in excess of 1650 council owned or council managed streets all year round to help keep our streets clean and tidy and looking there best.

We aim to

  • ensure they are always clean and free of litter, weeds, dog fouling and other waste

  • inspect town centre high streets within 2 hours and clean where needed upon receipt of any issue reported to us.

  • Inspect residential streets within 24 hours and clean where needed upon receipt of any issue reported to us. 

When to report a problem to us

  • there is widespread or heavy littering

  • litter has started to clump together

  • dirt or silt has started to clump together, for example in road gutters

Litter and other waste can build up between our scheduled cleaning times. We will inspect the area and decide whether we need to clean it before its next scheduled clean.  

For more details on how to access what is a reasonable standard of cleanliness, please visit: The DEFRA code of practice for on litter and refuse.

We have other forms to report fly-tipping or other street cleaning issues

How to report

You can report street cleaning issues to us in two ways

01. Make a request using the form

If you can’t or don’t want to use the map, you can make a request using a form. 

The form will be reviewed manually but please be aware this may take longer to action.

Report using form

02. Make a request using the map

You can:

  1. use the search bar on the map to search for a location, address or street

  2. click on the map to place a pin

  3. fill in the short form to describe the issue