About planning

Our focus

The focus of the development management section is the granting of planning permission where these meet the requirements of the Local Plan and national planning guidelines. Planning Permission, is asking if you can do a certain piece of building work, be this an extension to your house or a new superstore for a major developer. It will be granted, subject to certain conditions or refused.

Types of work and permitted development 

Certain types of work are covered by what’s called 'permitted development'. This means that they can be carried out without planning permission, as long as they comply with the permitted development rules and restrictions. There are however situations where your permitted development rights may have been modified or removed. This can be the case on some of the larger scale housing developments. If you are unsure if your permitted development rights have been removed you can contact your local Planning office to check.

Planning permission and application

You apply to your council for planning permission. Planning applications are decided in line with the development plan unless there are very good reasons not to do so. There are many issues that the Planning Officers will need to consider when reviewing your application. With particular reference to householder applications this may include some of the following:

  • size, layout, siting and external appearance of buildings and extensions
  • the effect of your proposals on any neighbouring properties
  • proposed means of access, landscaping and impact on the neighbourhood
  • proposed use of the development.

It is not necessary to make the application yourself. If you wish, you can appoint an agent (for instance, an architect, a surveyor, or a builder) to make it for you.

Anyone can make an application, irrespective of who owns the land or buildings concerned. However, if you are not the owner, or if you have only part-ownership, you have to inform the owner or those who share ownership, including any leaseholder whose lease still has seven or more years to run, and any agricultural tenant.

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