Bulky waste collections

Large and bulky collections

If you've got furniture, white goods or electrical items to get rid of, you can pay for them to be collected.

You pay £31 for up to 3 items of furniture. This goes up to £52 if you would like us to collect more items - up to a total of 6 items.

Arrange a collection 

1. Book your collection online (payments are non-refundable)

2. On the day of collection put your items outside:

  • before 6am 
  • in front of your home, on the ground floor
  • in a place that our crew can see and get to from the road 

If the items aren't outside by 6am on the collection day, we may charge you extra to go back and get them.

We are sorry but no changes can be made to a bulky waste collection within 48 hours of the collection date.