Biodiversity and wildlife

Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers

Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers (SNCV) is the main nature conservation organisation operating within Sutton and has been working to conserve and maintain Sutton's many wildlife sites since 1987.

Our aims 

These include:

  • The conservation and improvement of sites of wildlife value in the borough.
  • Carrying out practical maintenance and habitat management work throughout the year. These tasks include hedgelaying, coppicing, scrub clearance and fence construction. 
  • Carrying out ecological surveys and monitoring, such as recording butterflies at Roundshaw Downs LNR during the spring and summer.

Sites we work on

The sites that we work on vary in character and size; from small pockets of 'green space' to large Local Nature Reserves. Some of these sites have limited public access and so volunteer task days provide excellent opportunities to see some hidden wildlife gems.

We are lucky to have a variety of habitats within Sutton including

  • chalk grassland
  • woodland
  • wetland and 
  • ponds; all of which we help to maintain and conserve for wildlife.

Our work contributes to helping to improve the overall  in Sutton and counts towards the targets set out in the new Biodiversity Action Plan 2010-2015.

Become a volunteer 

Volunteering with SNCV has never been easier and you can find a task and a day to suit your availability. Practical tasks are carried out both during the week and at weekends, we also hold events throughout the year which you can get involved with, so why not take a look at the task programme and newsletters to see what we will be getting up to in the coming weeks.

Share your views 

SNCV also has evenings meetings every second month at Sutton Ecology Centre, where you can meet other members and share news and views. The task programme details when these meetings will be taking place.

About us

SNCV is a non-political organisation and a registered charity (no.1069510) and we are grateful for the support (financial and otherwise) that we receive from the London Borough of Sutton. We also have close ties with the Downlands Countryside Management Project, the London Wildlife Trust and the The Conservation Volunteers, who we share practical tasks with at certain times of the year. A great way to meet other like minded people in the local area.

Join our task days 

If you:

  • enjoy fresh air
  • have a little spare time at weekends or weekdays
  • want to help make the borough richer in wildlife
  • want to gain practical work experience
  • don't mind getting a little dirty

why not come and join us for one of our practical task days?

To find out more about volunteering or work experience with SNCV

You can also follow SNCV online, on our Project Dirt pages or find us on facebook or Twitter to keep up to date with news and views.

Where we are based

Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers is based at Sutton Ecology Centre.

Events may be subject to change, see our events page for up to date information.