Sutton register office

Before continuing, here are some things you need to know:

  • Sutton Register Office can only arrange and help with events happening in England and Wales

  • An out of hours service is available solely for religious burials and, in extreme circumstances, for marriages/civil partnerships. To arrange, please telephone 020 8770 5000.

  • The easiest way to register a birth, death or marriage or to request copy certificates, is to Do it Online

  • Registrations of births and deaths are completed in the district in which they occur. However if it is difficult to travel to that district please ask about completing a declaration form when booking an appointment or select the declaration option if booking online.

  • A marriage can be held in any district even if you are not resident within that district.

  • Other services such as citizenship ceremonies and the nationality checking service can also be completed in a district other than the one in which you are resident.

  • When contacting us, please use our online enquiry form and select the relevant type of enquiry or 'Other' if not listed.

  • If you need to visit, please make sure you go to the Register Office address as staff at other locations will not be able to help you.