Elm Grove

Elm Grove Estate Regeneration

Elm Grove Estate Regeneration

With residents, the Council is exploring ambitious plans and options for the potential regeneration of Elm Grove and other town centre estates.

Elm Grove is an allocated site, in the Sutton Town Centre Masterplan (2016) and Local Plan (2016-2031), designated for mixed use, residential and town centre uses.

Regeneration of Elm Grove presents a significant opportunity to work with the community to tackle the shortage of housing in the borough and to create better homes, including more affordable homes, and places for existing residents and Sutton’s growing community.

The challenge

London's population is increasing at twice the rate of the rest of the UK placing more pressure on housing in the capital. The Mayor of London requires Outer London Boroughs like Sutton to play a greater role in the delivery of new homes.

The housing crisis is worsening and continues to affect the next generation. In the life of the Sutton Local Plan 2016-31 ​the borough population is expected to increase by 10%, which is just over 20,000 people. 13,000 new homes are required over the 15-year life of the Local Plan. There are also 2,000 households on the Council’s Housing Register in need of decent and affordable accommodation.

Opportunities for growth

We recognise that regeneration is more than just housing and we seek to unlock new opportunities that will improve health, learning, transport and the public realm. We also want to enable growth in our business sector and provide greater access to jobs and training for local people. Elm Grove also has the potential to support the regeneration of Sutton Town Centre.

Social value

The Council believes that regeneration should deliver more than just bricks and mortar, by improving the local environment and by offering wider social benefits through targeted intervention. Through social value, we want to promote better health and wellbeing and unlock opportunities that have a positive impact on the life chances of local people. Through engagement with residents, we want to understand what matters to you and your community, and to identify the social issues that could be addressed as part of plans to regenerate your area. We also aim to deliver more social value by developing community plans and working collaboratively with the community to improve services where change is needed most.

The Public Service Social Value Act 2012 requires public authorities to have regard to economic, social and environmental well-being in connection with public services contracts; and for connected purposes.

Our social value outcomes:

Jobs and Economic Growth      

Health Wellbeing and Environment

Strength of Community

● Decent jobs for local people

● Local people with the right skills for long term employment

● School leavers with career aspirations

● Good accessibility and sustainable transportation

● Resilient buildings and infrastructure

● High quality public and green spaces

● Good mental health

● Strong local ownership 

● Safer places for local people

● Existing social fabric is protected

● Integration of new and existing communities

● Local supply chain supported and grown

● Thriving local business

● Good physical health

● Healthy local air quality

● Limit resource use and waste

● Thriving social networks

● Vibrant diversity of building uses and tenures

● Social local identity and distinctive character

Elm Grove Community Plan

Working together there is an opportunity for us to reshape our community, green spaces, homes, and workspaces across the borough, and we need your help to do that.

We will see an increase in Sutton’s population. We need to improve the quality and quantity of local housing, and we need to ensure that there are new jobs created.

We need to anchor our town and district centres as key destinations and ensure their success as places that people want to visit. 

We are inviting residents and local businesses to discuss possibilities for the Elm Grove Estate and the immediate surrounding area.

We want to know what works, what doesn’t and where changes could be made to the area to make better use of space and create an attractive place to live, visit and work.

Councillor Jayne McCoy, Chair, Housing, Economy and Business Committee. Sutton Council. 16th June 2017