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Elm Grove

Elm Grove Estate Regeneration

Our ambition is to make Elm Grove a better place to live. Regeneration presents a unique and exciting opportunity to raise the standard of housing, deliver more affordable homes and improve the local environment for everyone to enjoy. 

On 7 December 2021 the Housing Economy and Business (HEB) Committee approved the Landlord Offer for Elm Grove. This followed a decision on 28 September 2021 to approve full redevelopment as the preferred option and to hold a residents’ ballot in February 2022.  

Extensive consultation has been held with residents to explore options and develop a Masterplan. By working collaboratively we’ve agreed a Residents’ Charter and Community Charter to set out our commitments to residents, alongside our shared priorities and vision for the area. Together these form the basis of the Landlord Offer to residents.

Working closely with residents over a number of years has demonstrated a willingness to dream big, meet the challenges and maximise the opportunities this unique location has. If residents vote YES for regeneration in the residents ballot, then the regeneration of Elm Grove Estate will:

  • Deliver the shared vision of modern high quality homes in a safe and secure environment that we can all feel proud of;

  • Tackle many of the long-standing issues affecting the lives of residents;

  • Increase the amount of affordable housing available for local families; and

  • Support the wider transformation of Sutton Town Centre.