Town centre

Town Centre Space Hire

Sutton town centre provides the perfect platform to advertise your business, setup a temporary shop or to put your message across to thousands of potential customers.

Booking In
In order to handle your booking, we ask that all potential clients complete a booking form.
Our booking form is provided as an interactive PDF so it can be completed and saved from your web browser. Once you’ve completed the form, please return it along with your fee and  proof of liability insurance to

Who needs to complete a booking form?
We ask that anyone who would like to use the High Street to street trade or for promotional purposes must complete a booking form. Although a fee may not be applicable for your event (such as registered Charities), the Town Centre Management Team must be aware of your event for health and safety purposes.

Street Trading License
If you require a street trading license for your event, please contact the Licensing Department on 0208 770 5000 or view street trading license page for more information.

Amplification Equipment
From Monday to Friday the use of amplification equipment is prohibited due to noise pollution to local offices and places of work. If your performance requires the use of amplification, please contact the Town Centre Management Team who may be able to identify a suitable location for you.