About Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs)

What is a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)?

Some areas of the borough are in a controlled parking zone (CPZ). These are sometimes called residents' parking schemes too as they prioritise parking for:

  • local residents and their visitors
  • businesses and their visitors 

If you're a local resident or business owner in a CPZ, you'll need to buy a permit to park there. (This helps manage the demand for our limited street parking.) In some areas you can also pay for parking using a 'pay and display' ticket.

In a CPZ:

  • all streets are subject to parking controls as indicated on the zone entry signs or signs located near the restrictions
  • kerb sides are marked out as permit holders only, or pay and display parking, or with yellow line restrictions

Each CPZ has different operational hours and some have different time restrictions for different parts of the zone. 

You know when you're entering a CPZ as there are large street signs at the entrance to each one. The signs will tell you:

  • what zone you’re in
  • the hours when parking is restricted
  • when waiting is not allowed on single yellow lines