Beech Tree Place Regeneration

In December 2018 residents agreed to form a Residents Steering Group (RSG). The group has elected:

  • a resident Chair (Donald Bristowe) and
  • Vice Chair (Linda Paisley)

Together with other members have been empowered to take part in shaping future plans for their estate.

We hold regular meetings. Residents are supported by:

  • their ward councillors
  • the Chair of Sutton Federation of Tenants & Residents Association (SFTRA)
  • staff from Sutton Housing Partnership (SHP) and
  • the Council

Why a Residents' Steering Group (RSG)

It is important to form an RSG, as it:

  • gives residents a voice
  • provides a group that works to protect the interests of residents
  • gives residents the opportunity to work openly and collaboratively with:
    • the Council and
    • other stakeholders
  • provides residents with a platform to challenge and contribute to estate proposals
  • enables residents to work together in developing a shared vision
  • provides a respectful setting to:
    • establish local priorities
    • develop ideas and
    • positively influence future decisions
  • establishes a working group where residents can help to select specialist consultants
  • plays a key role in monitoring the Council's commitments

A word from Donald Bristowe (Chair of the Beech Tree Place Residents' Steering Group)

“As interim chairman I would say please read all correspondence from the estate regeneration team as they are very informative, and your views are important. You may sway someone else’s opinion, as happened to me at the last meeting when a neighbour’s opinions were the opposite to mine but their comments changed my view in a very short time. So please share your opinions and ideas as they may open up an important issue."