Replacement wheelie bins, boxes, bags and caddies

New Wheelie Bin Charges April 2024

The Council has continued to provide waste and recycling containers free for as long as possible, but this is no longer sustainable given the economic pressures that the Council is facing. 

What charges are applicable?

We are introducing the following charges from April 2024:

  • £5 administration/delivery charge for all new and replacement waste and recycling wheelie bin containers
  • £15 administration/delivery charge will be applicable for all change capacity container requests regardless of the size of bin requested

What is excluded from charging?

The following containers will continue to be supplied free of charge:

  • Mixed Recycling Green Box (55L)
  • Large Outdoor Food Waste Caddy (23L)
  • Small Kitchen Food Waste Caddy (7L)
  • Garden Waste Wheelie Bin (green wheelie bin with brown lid) - provided with subscriptions to service

Why are we charging?

The cost of containers being charged is only for administration/delivery, it is not for the full cost of the container which remains a council asset. The Council spends £250k per annum on waste containers and arranging the delivery of these so this charge is to support the Council’s financial position.

To meet the demand for wheelie bin requests, we require additional specialised heavy goods vehicles and qualified drivers to bulk deliver. Smaller food caddies and recycling boxes by contrast can be delivered with existing contracted fleet light goods vehicles and existing drivers.

Exceptions to charging

Unrecorded loss or damage by the Council or its Contractor.  If you believe that your chargeable container (i.e. wheelie bin) has been damaged or lost  by the collection crew, you can request a replacement free of charge.  You will require evidence such as video footage or photos to support your claim.  Without evidence, we are unable to accept your claim.  All claims must be submitted through the form:

 Waste container claim - damaged by crew

Frequently asked questions

How can I pay for a replacement wheelie bin or capacity changes?
Payment by debit or credit card can be carried out online or over the telephone by calling 020 8770 5000.  We are unable to accept cash or cheques.
I have paid the charge for a replacement wheelie bin, however my old wheelie bin has now turned up, can I have a refund?
The charge is non-refundable. This is because the fee covers the processing of your request and the delivery of the bin, rather than the cost of the bin itself.  We therefore strongly advise that you conduct a thorough search for your lost bin before requesting a replacement, as the requested bin will not be left by the delivery driver.
What happens if I don't pay for a replacement bin, will my broken bin still be collected or can I present bags?
Any bin that is damaged and can not be moved and emptied safely by our collections teams will be left uncollected.  We are unable to collect bagged waste left at the kerbside. All general household waste must be placed in the designated general waste wheelie bin.  If you require a replacement bin but do not wish to pay the administration/delivery charge, you can dispose of your waste free of charge at our Household Reuse and Recycling Centre.
I cannot take delivery of the bin, how can I be sure it has been delivered?
The bin will be left at the front of your property, away from the road, if possible.
What am I supposed to do with my waste or recycling whilst I wait for the delivery of a replacement wheelie bin?
Your replacement wheelie bin will be delivered within 20 working days. In the meantime, we ask that you store your waste or recycling; and once you receive your replacement place the waste or recycling in the wheelie bin ready to be collected on the next scheduled collection day. We will not collect bags on collection day so please do not present them. Alternatively, you can dispose of your waste at one of our Household Reuse and Recycling Centre.
Can I avoid the 'administration/delivery' charge by collecting my new bin from the depot?
Wheelie bins are available by delivery only. Residents are not permitted to collect wheelie bins for operational and health and safety reasons.
I have moved house and there is a missing wheelie bin at my address, do I have to pay for a replacement?
A replacement bin will still incur the administration/delivery charge.  For new build properties, the developer is responsible for purchasing and arranging the delivery of a full set of bins for the property.
Does the law require you to provide bins free of charge?

Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act empowers local authorities to mandate the use of waste receptacles of a designated type and quantity. When establishing such requirements, the authority may stipulate provisions regarding the size, construction, and maintenance of these receptacles. Additionally, the authority has the power to specify the types of waste permitted in each designated collection container. Notably, the council reserves the right to levy a charge upon residents for the provision of these waste receptacles.

In accordance with the Environmental Protection Act, the Council has an obligation to provide all households with suitable receptacles for the disposal of both household waste and recyclables. While these bins are utilised by householders, they remain the property of the Council. In essence, the provision of bins constitutes a long-term loan.

If I pay for a replacement bin, does it then become my property?
The original bin remains the property of the Council. If you lose a bin that belongs to the Council, you are responsible for obtaining a replacement. Any replacement bin you receive will also be the property of the Council.
Why should I have to pay when someone has stolen my bin?
The Council provides the bin for your use. However, you are responsible for its safekeeping.
What can I do to prevent my bin from being stolen?

To minimise the risk of losing your bin, we recommend the following preventative measures:

  • Affix a label to your bin clearly identifying it as your property.
  • Where possible, refrain from placing your bin out for collection the night before. Ideally, bins should be placed at the kerbside as close to 6:00 am as possible on the collection day.
  • Retrieve your bin as soon as possible following collection. Neighbours or family or friends may be able to help you.
  • Check with your neighbours that they have not unintentionally taken your bin, and ensure it hasn't been misplaced nearby.
Will I be charged if my wheelie bin has fallen into the back of the lorry or been damaged during collection?
If your wheelie bin is lost or damaged as a result of falling into the back of a collection vehicle this will be replaced free of charge. The collection teams record the details of any such incidents.  If the collection team has not recorded an incident but you believe this to be the case you can submit a claim to receive a replacement free of charge.  You will require evidence such as video footage or photos to support your claim.  Without evidence, we are unable to accept your claim.  All claims must be submitted through the form:
If you are not able to submit a claim through the form, you may write to us with printed photos at the address below:
Waste Container Claims - Neighbourhood Services, London Borough of Sutton, Civic Offices, St. Nicholas Way, Sutton SM1 1EA
What if I get rid of my own refuse and withhold part of my Council Tax?
You may dispose of your household waste yourself at  our Household Reuse and Recycling Centre. However, this does not absolve you from your legal obligation to pay the full amount of Council Tax for your property band.  Council Tax funds many essential local services and you are unable to withhold payment if you choose not to utilise a service offered to you.  More information on council tax and how it is spent can be found on our Budget webpage.
My containers are dirty, can I replace them?
You are responsible for keeping your wheelie bins, boxes and caddies clean.  The council does not provide a cleaning service and we will not exchange them.
There's been an error with my delivery?
Any contractor errors in relation to deliveries please contact or our Customer Services on 020 8770 5000.
I have excessive medical waste and already have the Larger Brown General Waste Wheelie Bin (240L) , is there further support available?
Certain medical conditions which result in excessive waste (i.e. incontinence pads, dressings/bandages) may be exempt from some capacity change charges.
If you already have the Larger Brown General Waste Wheelie Bin (240L) and still have excessive medical waste, please email a recent GP or hospital letter detailing the medical condition to and we may be able to provide additional capacity.