Privacy Notice and Data Protection

Privacy Notice for the Heritage Service

This privacy notice is to be read in conjunction with the full privacy notice.

This privacy notice sets out how the Heritage Service at the London Borough of Sutton will use and process your information.

What type of information is collected about you?

  • contact details; including name, address, email address, telephone number
  • financial details for purposes of receiving or making payments
  • proof of identity for the purpose of accessing closed records
  • records transferred to us for archive purposes may contain personal information

We need your information for the following services and functions:

Your information will be used for the functions of the Heritage Service. The services we provide are:

  • Archiving of historic records and making them available
  • Collection and display of historic artefacts
  • Events and exhibitions
  • Research into historical information
  • Provision of informal learning opportunities

Who your information may be shared with:

We may share some of your information, for example your name and address, internally with other departments in the Council if this:

  • helps you to access services more easily
  • promotes the more efficient and cost effective delivery of services
  • helps recover monies owed to the council

The legal basis for processing your information

We have statutory authority to collect and process your personal information for the provision of our heritage service, your consent therefore is not required to process your information. Where the service is optional, we will not process your information until you have consented to receive the service. Once we have your consent for the service, your information will be processed under our statutory authority to provide the service.

How long will we keep your information

We will retain your information for the period in which your information is being used for service provision or for our wider functions. We have legal authority to process your information; your right to be forgotten does not apply to records transferred to us for archive purposes.