Replacement wheelie bins, boxes, bags and caddies

Before you start

Requesting a replacement container online is quick and easy:

  • use your postcode to find your property
  • let us know what container you need
  • we’ll arrange for it to be delivered to your home

The container that you need depends on the type of property you live in.

Household waste & recycling

We provide these waste containers for the majority of properties within the borough:

  • general non-recyclable waste (brown wheelie bin)
  • paper and card (green wheelie bin)
  • dry mixed recycling (green box)
  • outdoor food caddy (large brown or black caddy)
  • indoor food caddy (small brown or black caddy)
  • garden waste (green wheelie bin with brown lid) - chargeable service

Containers for large families and residents with medical conditions

If you live in a larger household, or you have a medical condition that means you generate additional non-recyclable waste, you can request one additional recycling container or a larger brown wheelie bin for your non-recyclable waste.

Please call us on 020 8770 5000 to discuss your requirements.

General non-recyclable waste

We operate a '1 bin' per property policy for houses or flats converted from a house.

You can:

  • order a replacement for any damaged or missing wheelie bins
  • submit a request for a smaller or larger wheelie bin (subject to approval)

Food waste

We do not provide free compostable bags for food waste containers.  You can buy compostable food waste bags from all major supermarkets and other well-known retailers.

Garden waste service

We can provide garden waste containers to households if required and this is a chargeable service.  Please visit the Garden waste collection webpage for more information.

New or replacement waste containers

We aim to complete requests within 20 working days, but this can vary depending on stock levels and demand.

Request replacement bin, box or caddy

Communal waste and recycling bins

Waste and recycling collection services in flats may be different to the service provided to houses.  Some flats will have communal (shared) bins similar to those outlined below:

  • large general non-recyclable waste bin (1100L euro bin)
  • large dry mixed recycling bin (1100L euro bin)
  • large paper & card wheelie bin (360L black wheelie bin with blue lid)
  • large food waste wheelie bin (240L brown wheelie bin)

Bin orders for flats with communal facilities

Communal waste and recycling bins cannot be ordered online; if you would like to order a new or replacement container, please speak with your managing agent, landlord, housing officer or residents' association.  Managing agents and/or residents' associations are responsible for providing these new and replacement communal waste and recycling bins for residents that live in purpose-built flats.

Please make note of the bin type required at your property and available space for the purpose of obtaining a quote from a supplier. 

We do not supply communal bins; your managing agent/representative is required to purchase them from a private supplier of their choice.  Sutton's current waste collections partner, Veolia, can provide a quote for new and/or replacement containers and quotes can be requested by email at  Alternatively, you may wish to use your own supplier.  Further information can be found in Sutton's Waste provision planning guidance for developers, architects, and managing agents.

Bag collection service

Bags are delivered regularly for the following property types:

  • Every 3 months for flats above shops (polypack of bags)
  • Every 12 months for houses with no frontage (rolls of bags)

You can request extra recycling sacks by contacting us by telephone on 020 8770 5000 or by email at


Last Updated: 11/08/2023

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