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We are the Highway and Traffic Authority. That means we have a variety of traffic calming and management measures to use on the public highway.

One-way working

A section of road is designated One Way and one end is signed ‘No Entry’.


  • removal of conflict, especially important in a narrow road with heavy on-street parking
  • prevention of ‘rat running’ in one direction
  • safer for pedestrians to cross the road 
  • mo loss of on-street parking


  • greater temptation for drivers to abuse the ‘no entry’ because the one-way working is only for a short distance
  • traffic transfers onto adjacent roads often results in increased traffic speed

No entry plug

Consists of a kerb build out across half the width of the carriageway and a short section of one-way working on the remaining carriageway alongside.


  • emergency service vehicles are not restricted
  • pedal cycles are not restricted
  • may prevent ‘rat running’
  • less restrictive for residents 


  • greater temptation to drivers to abuse the ‘no entry’ because the one-way working is only for a short distance
  • traffic transfer onto adjacent roads
  • possible loss of on-street parking

Road closure


  • stops ‘through traffic’
  • service vehicles can gain access through the closure by means of a gate or lockable bollard
  • pedal cyclists can be given access through the closure


  • a turning head is required near the closure
  • loss of on street parking at turning head
  • wmergency services are delayed when locking/unlocking bollards
  • can be seen as a division of the community
  • traffic is transferred to other roads
  • journey times are lengthened due to necessary detours and local access affected

Physical width restriction

Consists of a physical restriction, which prevents vehicles over a certain width. This is usually 7 feet from passing through a road.


  • physically restricts lorry movements and allows emergency vehicle access


  • location is restricted by the need for a turning head to allow large vehicles that have a legitimate reason for being in that road to turn around, such as:
    • refuse
    • delivery and removal lorries 
  • emergency services are delayed when unlocking and relocating the posts


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