Burial and memorial rights can be purchased for 50, 75 and 100 years and are renewable on application.

Depending on location and conditions prevailing, most graves can be prepared to take from 1 to 4 coffin burials and if desired and legally and practically possible, space for family cremated remains. The number of burials (i.e. the depth of the grave) must be decided at the time of the first burial.

A memorial/gravestone of natural stone with size restrictions is permitted on all graves subject to cemetery approval and payment of fees. Home made gravestones, wooden crosses, other markers, woodwork, ironwork or any type of fencing or surround is not permitted at any time on or over any part of a grave. However, a temporary name or number marker can be arranged through the Cemetery Office.

New ground graves, reclaimed graves or repurchased graves can be viewed and selected by appointment subject to availability. It may be possible to have a grave located on a Church of England, Roman Catholic or a non-denominational section.