The Barfleur 6ft Iroko Memorial Seat is complete with up to a three line carved inscription (centred). The seat is  supplied with a maximum of 80 carved letters with the option of teak oil coating (price on application).

Erecting seats in the cemetery
Seat details and the conditions to it being placed and erected in the cemetery are as follows:

  • When delivered the seat will be erected and placed in Sutton Cemetery as near to the family grave as cemetery works and operations will allow. The seat will be free standing and for the use of all visitors to the cemetery.
  • The seat becomes and remains the property of the Council of the London Borough of Sutton, to be protected and maintained as such.
  • The Council does not undertake to replace the seat should it become unusable, whether through fair wear and tear, loss, theft, accidental or wilful damage or destruction. In the event the seat should be considered unusable, the Council will endeavour to inform you and offer you the first opportunity to purchase a replacement seat should the Council consider a replacement seat necessary for the cemetery.

After payment
On receipt of payment, an official order will be prepared and forwarded directly to the suppliers of the seat. It will normally take approximately 4 - 6 weeks for delivery and I will advise you as soon as it is delivered and erected.