The safety and maintenance of each memorial gravestone is the responsibility of the person or persons granted the right to have the memorial erected on the grave. Erection and maintenance of gravestones is only granted by permit to approved professional monumental masons and are subject to the cemetery regulations, fees and charges currently in operation. All gravestones are safety-tested following fixing and re-fixing works and thereafter on a five yearly programme. Your chosen monumental mason will be aware of these regulations.

Further information on the types of graves, gravestones and their long term care and maintenance responsibilities can be obtained from the cemetery office: 020 8644 9437.




Headstone inspections

Headstone inspections are carried out on an ongoing basis. Testing is important to make sure that anyone who visits, or works in our cemeteries or closed churchyards, is safe.
We are responsible for 2 cemeteries, 4 closed churchyards and approximately 23,000 headstones and memorials across the borough.


Inspection and testing 

The headstone inspection process is managed as a five year rolling programmeusing a phased approach. Cemeteries and churchyards have been categorised into different phases. All headstone memorials will be inspected and where necessary we will take the appropriate steps to ensure it is safe.


Why are we carrying out headstone inspections?

Some headstones in our cemeteries and closed churchyards are aged and in poor structural condition. This may have the potential to affect public safety. We must carry out inspections to check headstones are safe and do not present a hazard or danger to members of the public, visitors, contractors or staff.


When are we carrying out headstone inspections?

We are scheduled to start in May 2019 at Sutton Cemetery


How do we carry out headstone inspections?

Our Memorial Safety Policy and Procedures explains how we carry out headstone inspections. (need to have the policy here)


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