Mid-term or in-year admissions

Children new to the area, changing schools mid-term or without a school

You should complete a mid-term application form if you are about to move, or have recently moved to the Sutton area and wish to arrange for a place in one of our schools for your child or children and you fall into any of the following categories:

  • you have just moved to Sutton & NOT attending a school within a reasonable travel distance from your new address
  • you have just moved within Sutton & your previous school is not within reasonable travel distance/time from your new address
  • your child or children have been educated at home
  • your child or children are moving out of private or independent schooling
  • you are moving close to the borough boundary but not within Sutton and wish to apply to Sutton schools

To help you speed up the process, view our primary or secondary school vacancies.

If you wish to make a mid-term application for a school outside the borough, even if you will be a Sutton resident, you must make an application to the borough where the school is situated.

What happens after the Sutton application has been made

In most circumstances we will not be in a position to update you on the status of your application for at least 20 school days after receipt because it will require direct contact with the school.

Please do not e mail or call us about the status of your application until this time has passed. This should provide enough time for a formal offer to  be made in writing.

If a place is available at one of your preferred schools we will write to you to confirm this. If no places are available you will be given a right of appeal & advised of alternative schools with possible places.

Applying for a school place - supplementary forms

Some schools require additional information to consider your application. Contact your preferred  schools directly to see if one is needed, as part of your mid-term application.

If you need any assistance or further information regarding school applications, please contact us using our online enquiry form. 

Further information 

If you need any further assistance or further information regarding school applications, please contact us using our online school admissions enquiry form.