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Flood risk information and maps

Surface water management plan

The Borough Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) published by Scott Wilson consultants on behalf of the Council in October 2011, sets out an outline strategy for the coordinated management of surface water flood risk within the Borough. The strategy has since been superseded by Sutton’s Local Flood Risk Management Strategy adopted by the Council in July 2015, although the information and recommendation on sustainable drainage (SuDS) is still relevant.

The SWMP identifies the following 12 critical drainage areas (CDAs) within the Borough:

  • CDA 22 Worcester Park
  • CDA 26 Sutton Junction
  • CDA 30 Wallington Rail Bridge
  • CDA 23 Trafalgar Avenue
  • CDA 27 Carshalton Beeches
  • CDA 31 South Beddington
  • CDA 24 Sandy Lane
  • CDA 28 Carshalton Centre
  • CDA 32 Beddington Park
  • CDA 25 York and Mulgrave Road
  • CDA 29 Beddington Gardens
  • CDA 33 Hackbridge    

With the exception of identified CDA boundaries, the various Borough flood risk maps included in the SWMP have been superseded by the Environment Agency’s (EA) latest published fluvial flood zones, the EA’s Updated Flood Map for Surface Water (uFMfSW) and flood risk information contained in the Sutton’s Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) Level 1 Report.