The local flood risk management strategy is a document that the council are required to develop to set out a clear vision of how flood risk is managed across the borough. It will consider the risk of flooding from ordinary watercourses, groundwater and surface water.

The local strategy must include:

  • The risk management authorities within the boundaries of Sutton Council and what management functions each authority has
  • The objectives for managing local flood risk, along with how and when they are expected to be achieved. It also needs to detail how each objective will be paid for along with the cost and benefit of each measure
  • An assessment of local flood risk
  • A roadmap of how and when the strategy is to be reviewed
  • How the wider environment will benefit by achieving the objectives set out in the strategy

Sutton Council's Local Flood Risk Management Strategy was developed in 2014. Two key consultation exercises were run allowing everyone to have their say about the final strategy. The final strategy was approved in July 2015 and the summary document can be found below.

Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

The full document is located at the Council's Denmark Road offices.