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How getting the right support can make a huge difference

Rhianne and her baby

Published Monday, 22nd February 2021

For residents like Rhianne, Julie and Marian, life with sight or hearing loss can make every day tasks challenging.

Getting the right kind of support can make a huge difference to their quality of life. 

“Before Ann came, I was so stressed,” said Julie. “I couldn’t read anything, not my books, my letters, my bills. I don’t really watch TV; reading is my thing.” 

Ann is part of Sutton’s Sensory Service. The Sensory Service supports adults and children in Sutton whose sight or hearing loss is having an impact on their lives. The team receive an average of 40 referrals a month and provide a wide range of support to empower residents, including advice, specialist equipment and mobility training. 

Ann was able to identify some simple solutions which had a big impact on Julie, such as a special light for reading, a light at the bottom of her stairwell and a tool to help measure depth when making a cup of coffee. 

As well as helping with everyday tasks, the Sensory Service can help residents with big changes in life - in Rhianne’s case, the birth of her daughter. 

Paul provided Rhianne with a pager which vibrates when her baby wakes up. He also had smoke alarms installed which are linked up to Rhianne’s pager and vibrating pad. 

“This has made a huge difference to me, not having to worry about not being able to hear my baby wake up...Paul’s support has been brilliant,” said Rhianne.

For Marian’s daughter Alison, the team’s support has been reassuring. “My mum is very impressed with all of the health services and support she’s had here. It's a great borough to be in if you are elderly. It's handy to know there are people available at the end of the phone should we need it.” 

By helping residents to increase their independence and reduce the risk of accidents in the home, the Sensory Service helps to reduce the need for care.

More than 70% of our budget is spent on supporting vulnerable adults and children. Following COVID, more and more residents are needing our help.

Find out how we plan to protect those needing our care and support Sutton’s recovery over the next 12 months.

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