Reusables, upcycling and free stuff… save your way to a better environment

Circular economy

Published Monday, 14th June 2021

There are lots of ways to reduce your waste and tackle the climate emergency. Many are incredibly easy and save you money!

What you can do

Here are just a few ideas:

What we’re doing

To help tackle the climate emergency, we’re creating a “circular economy” in Sutton. This means everything is reused, repaired or remanufactured into a new product, keeping it in use for as long as possible before recycling.

We’re doing this by:

How this affects the climate emergency

Making and throwing things away create damaging emissions and use up the planet’s limited resources. By reusing, repairing and re-manufacturing products we keep them in use for longer, maximising their life-span before recycling that product or its parts. 

This is a circular economy; a far more sustainable and environmentally-friendly practice than the “make, use, dispose” approach.