The council has prepared a comprehensive local evidence base on the key social, economic and environmental characteristics of the borough and new studies are added periodically.

London Cancer Hub

To guide the development of the London Cancer Hub at Belmont, in the south of the borough, the council and its commissioned consultants have produced a number of reports to examine the design and deliverability of the project.

Sutton Town Centre

To guide development in Sutton Town Centre and to raise the design standard, the council has produced the Sutton Town Centre Masterplan and associated documents.


To inform the council’s planning policies and site allocations for housing, the housing evidence base includes the Five-Year Housing Land Supply Assessment, the Strategic Housing Market Assessment, the Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment, information on affordable housing, housing need and Gypsy and Traveller accommodation.


To inform the council’s planning policies and site allocations for employment, the employment evidence base includes the Employment Land Review and other industrial land studies.

Retail and Town Centres

To inform the council’s planning policies for retail and town centres, the retail and town centres evidence base includes the Town Centre and Economic Development Assessment and town centre health checks.

Physical and Social Infrastructure 

To inform the council’s planning policies for infrastructure, the physical and social infrastructure evidence base includes the infrastructure study and the school site search.

Built Environment and Heritage 

To inform the council’s planning policies for preserving and enhancing the quality of Sutton’s built environment and the distinctive suburban character of the borough, the built environment and heritage evidence base includes Conservation Area character appraisals and management plans, the Characterisation Study, the Heritage study and the Taller Buildings Study.

Open Space 

To inform the council’s planning policies for open space, the open space evidence base includes the Open Space Study and its update and the Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land Review.

Nature Conservation 

To inform the council’s planning policies for biodiversity and habitats, the nature conservation evidence base includes information on Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation and other designated areas and actions plans to conserve and enhance biodiversity.

Flood Risk and Drainage 

To inform the council’s planning policies to reduce flood risk and improve drainage strategies, the flood risk and drainage local evidence base includes the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment and the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy.

Climate Change and Sustainability 

To inform the council’s planning policies to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change and to improve sustainability across the borough, the climate change and sustainability evidence base includes the Borough Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, the Beddington Environmental Strategy and the Borough Heat Mapping Study.


To inform the council’s planning policies on transport, the transport evidence base includes the Sustainable Transport Strategy, the Cycling Strategy, the Transport Data Report, the Sutton Town Centre Options Appraisal, the District Centres Transport Audit and information on the Tramlink extensions to Sutton.


To inform the policies of the South London Waste Plan, the waste evidence base includes the Waste Plan Annual Monitoring Report.