Following heavy rainfall across the bororugh in June 2016, there were areas highlighted to be at an increased risk of surface water flooding. To increase our understanding of these risks and to better manage them, we have introduced the use of water level measuring equipment. This equipment allows us to actively monitor Council drainage infrastructure as well as to better manage maintenance of this infrastructure. The camera and/or sensors are located in areas within the borough in order to monitor the water level in highway gullies or watercourses.

The locations of the equipment within the borough are:

Wallington Bridge: Sensor and camera
Cuddington Recreation Ground: Sensor
Nonsuch Park: Sensor
Specific alert levels have been set by the Council so that we receive live updates when those levels are reached and can act accordingly. When flooding triggers are activated we are able to capture live photos from Wallington Bridge.

A fixed focus low resolution still image camera has been installed at Wallington Bridge. The camera does not capture live video streaming images and cannot track people or objects. Images from the camera can only be accessed and downloaded to Council systems by those with authorised access. Downloaded images will be stored permanently or as long as deemed necessary by the Council. The camera has been installed to help Sutton Council meet its responsibilities in managing surface water flood risk as Lead Local Flood Authority as per the Flood and Water Management Act 2010. Images will be downloaded when flooding occurs and stored on Council systems for reference and record keeping. Downloaded and stored images will not include any person or personal information including licence plate details. Images will only be downloaded and stored by authorised Council officers.