Under section 19 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 Sutton Council has a duty to investigate flooding when it is deemed necessary and appropriate.

When we are made aware of a flooding incident we will make a decision as to whether a flood risk investigation is necessary based upon the following criteria:

  • If internal flooding of one property has been experienced on more than one occasion
  • Where internal flooding of five or more properties has been experienced during a single flood incident
  • Where critical infrastructure has been affected by flooding
Investigations may also be carried out at the discretion of the council where the source of flooding is ambiguous.

Each investigation will identify which Risk Management Authorities have a flood risk management function in relation to the flood. It will then detail what each authority with a relevant function is going to or has done in response to the flooding incident.

All major planning applications should be supported by a completed Drainage Assessment Form (DAF) in order to demonstrate that the Council’s minimum performance standards for sustainable drainage (SUDS) have been met in line with Policy 5.12 of the London Plan.

The flood investigation reports will be published below as and when they are completed.

Flood investigation reports

Section 19 - Watermead Lane

Section 19 - Borough Wide 2017