Secondary School Admissions Criteria

A to Z of rubbish and recycling

Search for an item, from anti-freeze to wallpaper.

Abandoned and untaxed vehicles

Report an untaxed and abandoned vehicle on public roads, private land or council housing estates.

About Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs)

Find out where our Controlled Parking Zones are and how to get a permit.

About land charges

How to apply for land charges searches.

About planning

Read about the planning application process, and what happens at each stage.

About Sutton Play Service

Find out about our three centres, what we do and how you can contact us. 

About the Mayor

Councillor Colin Stears is the current Mayor of the London Borough of Sutton. Read about him or invite the mayor to an event. 

Accommodation Policy for Voluntary & Community Sector (VCS) Organisations

Find out how we use Council owned buildings and schools. 

Adding popular items to landing pages

Find out how to tag content so that it appears in the 'popular' banner on a landing page.

Additional FOI information for business rates (NNDR)

View lists of mandatory and discretionary rate relief awards, new accounts raised and all business properties.

Admission arrangements

Information about admission arrangements for 2023/24.