Local parents are building confidence, making friends and learning new skills to support them in their role as a parent through our Parenting Programme.

The eight week ‘Being a parent’ course is co-delivered by a local parent for parents across the borough at Tweedale Children's Centre. The Programme gets parents to focus on their own emotional wellbeing as well as their child’s, look at positive parenting strategies and offers the opportunity to meet with other parents in similar situations. 

Find out what local parent and programme leader Keeley has to say about the course, as well as Kelly, Nyssa and Tracy, local parents completing the course.

This Programme is part-funded by the South West London Clinical Commissioning Group. Your council tax enables us to deliver hundreds of services which support you at every stage of your life. This is one of many stories about how we are helping make Sutton a great place to live, work and raise a family.

For further information on the parenting programme contact theresa.cameron@sutton.gov.uk.

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