Naazina Sinclair’s parents were Shared Lives carers to Loudette and Chris for almost 10 years.

Shared Lives carers offer their homes and family life to provide a safe place for vulnerable adults to live, have a short break or take part in activities.

Naazina explains why she decided to take over the role as their Shared Lives carer when her parents moved away. 

“Loudette and Chris are very near and dear to me and my family. They have been a part of our family for a long time. We do lots of activities together like cooking, going to the gym, days out at the zoo and aquarium, going to the cinema and bowling, we take long walks together and do things that perhaps they wouldn't be able to do if they were elsewhere. It’s given them the opportunity to be out there in the community and has made them really happy. 

Naazina, Loudette and Chris in Bath City"All my children from very young have been a part of their lives and will do anything to assist them; it's never a problem, they class them as family. My youngest will help make the dinners for them, my daughter will help pack away dishes showing Loudette how to do things. 

"I have been teaching my children little bits of sign language as Loudette is non speaking and hearing, so we have sessions where we sit down and communicate by sign language, just the basics but to make sure she feels included.

"I am in contact with the Scheme Manager at Encompass and speak to him every 6-8 weeks or sooner if I need to. We have a good working relationship; he is very supportive in my role as a carer and as Chair of the Shared Lives Carers group committee.Naazina, Loudette and Chris at Bitton Railway

"If you have the space available, in your heart, as well as a physical room then I would tell anyone to consider Shared Lives. It’s about supporting those that are less able or require assistance, to have a better quality of life in a family environment. It's very very rewarding, it's hard to put into words.” 

The Encompass Sutton Shared Lives Scheme, funded by Sutton Council, recruits and supports paid carers to work with adults with learning disabilities, mental health needs and older people.

Currently there are 27 vulnerable people in Sutton living with another family as part of the Shared Lives Scheme.

For further information or to register your interest, please contact Encompass on: 

020 8915 2345 or email

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