Locations: There are over 2,300 plots to be found on 36 allotment sites in Sutton.

The sites vary in size from small (the following sites have just 25 plots between them):

  • Clensham Lane
  • Pylbrook Triangle
  • Priory Crescent
  • The Warren 

To large (the following sites have over 200 plots each):

  • Demesne Road
  • Gander Green Lane
  • Stanley Road; and Westmead Road all have over 200 plots each. 

Getting started

  • Complete the waiting list application. Most sites are full at present, but you can join the waiting list for any site (3 maximum)

Once you have completed your application you can either:

  • scan the completed form and email it to SLWPallotments@idverde.co.uk, or phone 020 3876 8806
  • send it by post to:

    Cheam park depot
    Tudor close
    SM3 8QS

Details can also be found at the top of the form.

To pay for allotments please call: 020 3876 8806

Allotment sites